Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.


News Release 




Yonkers, NY - May 9, 2013 - Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. (Kawasaki) today joined with State officials, elected representatives, and transportation leaders to celebrate 25 years of manufacturing high-quality train cars in Yonkers.  During the past quarter-century Kawasaki has sustained hundreds of jobs, while producing more than 2500 rail cars at its plant, which sits in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, only twenty minutes away from Grand Central Station.


Behind the brick walls of the historic building, Kawasaki Rail Car  has made trains and component parts for a variety of transit systems; including New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Metro North Rail Road, PATH, Connecticut DOT, Boston Transit Authority, Maryland Transit Authority, and as far away as Taipei Transit.


“We are proud to have established ourselves as a premier car builder, providing high quality reliable cars to our customers such as the MTA and PATH and to have created hundreds of jobs here in New York for the past 25 years,” said CEO of Kawasaki Rail Car Inc, Hiroji Iwasaki.


In the 1980’s Kawasaki Rail Car worked with then-Governor Mario Cuomo to bring hundreds of jobs to New York State by establishing its base of operations in Yonkers.  This was at a time when manufacturing jobs were on the decline and other large companies were shuttering their doors


“I am pleased to extend my warmest congratulations to Kawasaki Rail Car on the celebration of their 25th anniversary in Yonkers. This event is especially significant to me since it was during my administration that we advanced the concept that railcar companies which sell to New York transit agencies should be building their railcars and creating jobs in New York,” said former Governor Mario Cuomo.  “Now twenty-five years later, we have the results of a real success story as Kawasaki railcars are safely transporting on a daily basis thousands of riders of MTA New York City Transit, MTA Metro-North Railroad, MTA Long Island Rail Road, and the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) system.”



“Governor Andrew Cuomo is improving New York State’s business climate and we’re pleased to celebrate Kawasaki’s success here and in the world marketplace,” said New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald.  “Kawasaki provides hundreds of local jobs contributes to the state’s economy and supplies essential equipment that keeps New York moving.”


In the years since moving to Yonkers, Kawasaki Rail Car has sustained hundreds of jobs at its facility and has contributed to the local and statewide tax base, in addition to having a front-row seat to the revitalization of Downtown Yonkers.  

The economic implications emanating from Kawasaki’s Yonkers facility are not only felt locally, but  depending on the size of the project, Kawasaki has used on average an upwards of 100 New York-based sub-contractors and suppliers, creating an economic ripple effect throughout the State.


“We are proud that Kawasaki Rail Car calls Westchester County home,” said Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino. “Kawasaki Rail Car has been a valued employer and corporate citizen during its 25 years in Yonkers, contributing to the local and statewide economies. Also important, about a third of all employees live in Westchester. I want to congratulate Kawasaki Rail Car on this milestone 25 year anniversary, and I look forward to the company’s continued prosperity in Westchester.”


“I want to express our gratitude to Kawasaki for their commitment to Yonkers and its residents. They have been a staple to our Yonkers downtown community and is a symbol of our economic growth,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “I congratulate Kawasaki for their 25 years of excellence, stimulating the Yonkers economic base and now being at the forefront of the revitalization Yonkers waterfront.”


“Congratulations to Kawasaki on 25 years and 2,500 rail cars for transit systems from here to Taipei. The manufacture of these rail cars has made Yonkers a center of manufacturing for Yonkers and the supplier of public transit in the metropolitan area,” said Congressman Eliot Engel. With its 400 plus employees and the scores of sub-contractors it uses Kawasaki is a mainstay of the local economy.  I remember my tour here three years ago and how impressed I was with this plant. May we have many more years of your work here.”  

“I’m pleased to congratulate Kawasaki Rail Car on their 25th Anniversary in the City of Yonkers. This is a significant accomplishment which underscores what Kawasaki means to our City,” said Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Led by CEO Hiroji Iwasaki, the company has created and sustained hundreds of jobs, boosted economic activity in the downtown and developed leading innovations that have changed the industry. Kawasaki Rail Car is a terrific community partner and I wish them great success in the years to come.” 


In the 80’s Kawasaki was a pioneer in building stainless steel subway trains which helped contribute to the battle against graffiti on the New York City subways, and also worked to develop cutting edge technology, including trains that can draw power from both overhead and third-rail based power sources.


Kawasaki is currently working on the next generation of the 7 line subway cars that will be supplied to New York City Transit.