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News Release 


The First 7000 Series Railcars Were Delivered to WMATA


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and our subsidiary, Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. (KRC: Yonkers, New York) delivered the first 7000-series railcars to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) on January 6, 2014.  


These cars are the first four (pilot) cars of Base contract.  The 7000-series cars are the first stainless steel railcars in WMATA fleet.  The new cars will offer safety, amenity, and new systems including: Digital Content Display Device, CCTV cameras, Information Transmission System.   The first 7000-series cars were assembled and tested at the Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.


The 7000-series cars will provide the additional fleet capacity required for Washington Dulles International Airport extension and also allow retirement of 1000-Series and 4000-Series fleet. WMATA has agreed to purchase total of 684 Option cars and 464 Option cars are already exercised. The Option cars will be delivered to WMATA after the test of the first four cars is completed at WMATA site. Kawasaki expects the rest of 220 Option cars will be exercise shortly.  The 7000-series cars will replace the 1000-series and 4000-series railcars.  With the completion of the order, more than half of WMATA fleet will be made up of Kawasaki cars.


The President Obama has committed to improve the nation’s infrastructure including constructions of high-speed rail networks.  He believes it will help to support job creation and economic growth.  In response to this announcement, Kawasaki is expecting there will be new projects related to replacement of old railcars in Amtrak and urban transportation.


Kawasaki is committed to providing high-technology and superior quality railcars for domestic and international markets.      



*Summary of 7000-series railcar


• Car Type: Subway Train (Minimum 2 cars, Maximum 8 cars)

• Size: 23m (Length) x 3.1m (Width) x 3.3m (Height)

• Material: Stainless Steel