Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.




Deputy Program Manager (Job No. PR-033A)  


Job Description:


At the direction of the Project Manager, provides support to the Project Manager as related to project management and its various activities.


The responsibilities include:


1. Provide support to the Program Manager as related to program management and its various activities.

2. Manage Project Correspondence through letters, meeting minutes and memo writing.

3. Support the Program Manager for all activities related to the Project Execution Team (“PET”) meetings.

4. Manage a database of project action items and assure follow-up.

5. Support the Program Manager for all activities related to the Program Cost Management Group (“PCMG”) meetings.

6. Address and resolve critical issues (i.e. cost, schedule, technical risk) of the program by developing and executing action plans.

7. Interface with internal departments, customers, U.S. vendors as well as KRC’s affiliates (“Kawasaki Heavy Industries” (KHI) and “Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing” (KMM)).

8. Monitor and report schedule status and progress.

9. Attend Project Management meetings at the Customers, Sub-contractor or Kawasaki sites both nationally and internationally.

10. Prepare the Monthly Progress Report for the Program Manager’s review and submittal to the Customer.

11. Act on behalf of the Program Manager in his/her absence.



Job Requirements:


1. Excellent communications skills with a minimum of 5 years experience in project management, project engineering or project administration.

2. Bachelor Degree of Engineering or its equivalent.  PE Certification a plus.

3. Knowledge and experience in the rail industry or closely related industry.

4. Skilled in meeting management and coordination.

5. Good interpersonal, communication and computer skills.

6. Multiple language skills a plus



Job Location: Yonkers, NY