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Kawasaki’s light rail vehicle makes strides in energy efficiency, passenger accessibility and comfort. SWIMO”s cabin is an open-plan space with large windows and bucket seats. The car’s low floor structure is passenger friendly.


SWIMO is available in multiple configurations from 90 and 60 feet class three car articulated vehicles to a 50 feet class single vehicle. In addition to these standard configurations, SWIMO is available as a hybrid powered vehicle using Kawasaki’s patented nickel metal hydride battery, GIGACELL™.


The availability of a battery powered light rail vehicle is an innovation first developed by Kawasaki which allows Transit Authorities to operate with and without overhead catenaries and increase the energy efficiency of the vehicle. The ability to use a hybrid system expands the capabilities of our customers to increase their service areas into territories where substations and catenaries systems are not feasible by utilizing battery power on these section of tracks.


Kawasaki is committed to delivering rolling stock that has become vital to transit agencies and people’s daily lives that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.



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